Main Features


Sales team members are mapped into the system with set rights to do certain transactions and rights to authorise certain transactions coming to them from their subordinates. Each level is set with set of limits, rights and privileges.

Sales Orders

Galaxy allows the field based or inside sale team member to raise sales order and instantly pops up in the dashboard of next level sales manager. Sales orders are instantaneously popped up in the relevant higher level executives who have to authorise through the system.

Warehouse and Delivery Automation

On receipt of authorised sales orders, the delivery team prepares their delivery dockets and in case of quantity deviation from the sales order it needs to be approved again for such deviation.

Invoicing and Accounting

On receipt of goods invoicing team prepares the invoice based on the quantity reported as received. Customer account is debited for such invoice and in case of sales return or any other credit notes, their account will be automatically credited.

Analysis and Abstracts

Galaxy allows the sales team to make their analytics with various scientific report on fast movement, lead time, loss of sale and other crucial factors. Graphical reports are available team wise and product wise to make decisions with support of information and data.

Excerpts from Galaxy ERP