Sannet Infosol Pvt Ltd., is a Bangalore Based IT Company engaged in developing cloud based IT application suits for enterprises and entities. We have been in IT for more than 20 years and Sannet is the recent addition to our group, formed to focus on APPs.

ERP applications for automobiles, consumer products,textiles, manufacturing companies,restaurants, gold jewellary manufactures and pharma companies have been rolled out successfully and have implemented with many a clients in India, Srilanka, Bangladesh and PNG

GST Books ERP has just completing one year since the introduction of GST in India and has been updated with all GST changes during this period. Galaxy sales ERP is designed to suit the sales and distribution logistics of producers and traders who have large network of whole sale dealers, retail sellers, sales team and logistics divisions.

Nidhi ERP is a end –to-end finance portfolio management information system that can used for all finance products.

Nidhi ERP handles from loan origination to loan disbursals and recovery with auto settings have been designed and practiced for a long time . Interest calculations are automatically set with pre-defined methods of interest charging and EMI calculations. Alerts for exceptions, SMS alerts, excel based inputting and periodical audit dump are the salient features of this Nidhi ERP.

SALES WATCH APP is the recent addition to our galaxy of products, a real time sales order processing app that tracks the sales person’s visits, orders, deliveries and collections . It helps to consolidate nation wide sales, production requirements, material requirement and logistic co-ordination.

Following are the software products rolled out by us in the past from our group companies:

Fund Based Accounting Software, a legacy based stand alone software developed and implemented with many INGO partners, INGOs and NGOs throughout the country, Srilanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Micro Finance Accounting Software developed as a stand alone software for micro finance organisations and it is the first of it’s kind in India.

Sangha Nidhi on-line web based financial management solutions implemented for Various MFIs-micro finance institutions in India that was our ground breaing in cloud based solutions and a flagship product for many years .

EZDEBC ( Standard Deviation Budget Controller) , a web based Budget Consolidator tool developed for multi- currency, multi- location and multi-program environment cross cutting all financial variables and global consolidation of financial data .

FLAMINGO web based tool developed for on-line project monitoring and results tracking being implemented in UNDP, UN and Governmental projects in India, Bolivia, South East Asian countries.

PROJECT MAIL a manage by mail method tool developed to connect the project team in planning, monitoring and organising for better delivery of desired outputs.

PROJECT DIARY a web based tool rolled out for micro management of results framework linked to activities, resources, benefits, system and outcome.

Developed WHERE2BUY web based software for the industries and large scale buyers to search product information with their prices

Following prestigious Mission mode IT projects rolled out in India has used our Project MIS for ICT4D – Information, Communication and Technology for Development projects funded by UNDP – Ministry of Information and Technology.

S.No Project Name Theme Implementing Agency Implementation State
1 Bangalore –One Integrated Citizen Services Dept. of Administrative Reforms, Govt. of Karnataka Karnataka
2 Integrated Community Service Centers (i-CoSC) Integrated Citizen Services Dept. of IT, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh
3 Ashwini Rural Livelihoods Byrraju Foundation Andhra Pradesh
4 Agri-Business Centers Rural Livelihoods Kerala State IT Mission Kerala
5 Integrated Panchayat Planning & Management System / DRISTI Governance West Bengal State Rural Development Agency West Bengal
6 e-Procurement Governance Dept. of Administrative Reforms, Govt. of Karnataka Karnataka
7 Setu kiosks Governance Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan Gujarat
8 Village Information System Integrated Citizen Services Gujarat Informatics Limited Gujarat
9 Mahiti Manthana Women Empowerment IT for Change Karnataka
10 Enterprise Development Service Rural Livelihoods Development Alternatives Madhya Pradesh/Punjab
11 e-Justice Governance (Access to Justice) Center for Good Governance Andhra Pradesh
12 e-Gov Governance NISG & IIIT New Delhi